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MobileVoice and CarSpeaker - novelties among portable devices

MobileVoice and CarSpeaker are the modified versions of Trumpet-70 and TrumpetCar respectively.

The most crucial thing of the new construction is a full-range speaker with a very natural sound. In that way we got rid of the unpleasant and "screaming" sound which features the standard horns. This four-speaker, two-sided set ( 2 speakers per each of the side) is equipped with high quality transducers from FaitalPRO - the world's top producer from Italy. The whole is resistant to the weather conditions due to special protective cover for the speaker - water resistant and yet permitting for passage of the sound.

Features of MobileVoice / CarSpeaker:

  • top-quality, class-D amplifier characterized by longer time of operating on the built-in battery (MobileVoice)
  • new mixer with an independent tone control for microphone or audio channel
  • the 'VOICE OVER MUSIC' feature which allows to gradually mute the music during the usage of a microphone
  • an option for connection of a passive speaker cabinet with possibility of its independent work (MobileVoice)

Device available in three versions for both pilgrimage system:


Trumpet-Box_1 Small, powered by built-in battery portable active system characterized by very good, natural sound. Built-in Mp3 player with integrated Bluetooth receiver.

Product details

2400,00 zł

And for car system:


carspeaker90_bt PA system for mobile advertisement or funeral car powered from a car cigarette lighter. Omnidirectional (360°) speaker system which consists of 4 neodymium, top-class loudspeakers. Magnetic base. Built-in Mp3 player.

Product details

1850,00 zł

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