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A full offer of devices excellent for live performance such as trainings, aerobics classes, funeral ceremonies, outdoor speeches, marches pilgrimage routes, lecture halls, etc.

Battery powered speaker systems

PSS set offers lightweight, compact, portable sound systems with power up to 2x 80W. Small dimensions, as well as an optional wireless microphone receiver and 12V/7Ah battery make this system suitable for any indoor and outdoor activities for schools, institutions, places of worship, seminars,...

PSS passive

Speakers cabinets designed mainly for cooperation with their active counterparts of PSS series.

Pilgrimage sound systems

Portable amplifier systems suitable for processions and other mobile applications. There's an ability of equipment the devices with wireless microphone receiver (D216) which allows to use 2 wireless microphones at the same time.  Very comfortable to wear and great mobility due to rucksack...

Car sets

Sound systems for mobile advertisement or funeral cars powered from the cigarette lighter socket equipped with omnidirectional (360°) speaker system featuring natural and high-quality sound on the contrary to the typical horn sets.

  • CarSpeaker-90 - a set with...
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