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GDP-712XPRO with 1,75” HF driver

The engineering and design department perseveres in making the sound of our products better, implementing once in a while, some solutions based on the customers' opinion. The next "victim" of those actions is GDP-712XPRO yet more specifically the HF driver which has been changed to 1,75" (voice coil diameter).

Of course, it's a top-notch FaitalPRO product manufactured in Italy. What does the change mean in practice? First of all, twice as much the power and less signal distortion which results in better, more natural and transparent sound. Inevitably, the change is also associated with the increase in the price of the product. However, we believe that the inconvenience will be fully offset by satisfaction with using the speaker.


gdp12xproHigh-class two-way speaker cabinet equipped with speakers made by FaitalPRO.

Product details

2900,00 zł


gdp12axpro_v2Top-notch, two-way speaker system based on FaitalPRO speakers: 2x12" + 1".

Product details

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